J. Lilly Strategy | Digital Toolkit

Below are some of the tools we teach our clients to use. Several of them are included with our Nation Jumpstart packages ...



Combines your legacy address books and spreadsheets into one database - your "nation"




Public AutoMatch

Automatically searches public social media profiles for addresses that match your email lists





Continually scans for relevant fan activity on multiple social sites




Social Currency

Automatically identifies and rewards your best fans and penalizes trolls 





Ranks fan activity for private admin use or gamified campaigns via public fan club sites




Mission Control

The ultimate DIY weapon is a well-maintained database hosted on your own website





Monitor your social activity, e-blasts, texting and CRM functions from your own website





Data Sort

Apply custom filters to communicate more personally with your people




Turf Cutter

Plan media promotions and tour schedules based on your fans' visually-mapped contact information




Hired Guns

Hire expert entertainment strategists on a per-project basis with simple terms and limited commitment



Required for first-time email list imports

AccurateAppend or a similar quality email list cleaner. MOST incoming email lists contain a surprisingly high number of bad/bouncing email addresses. Your email blasts are automatically shutdown when your bad email/bounce rate is over .05%, so it is important to clean up your list when you first get started. Here a great article by an associate entitled, "Don't suck at email deliverability" that explains all of this in common language.



Opt-in for the additional Texting Add-On feature in your NationBuilder account. This will allow you to recruit people via a "Text JOIN US to 2137986973" feature that costs between 2¢ and 5¢ per signup. This is a very professional and efficient way to recruit new supporters through event signage, vehicle graphics and, of course, social media. 


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